【Product form】Liquid



      Vapor pressure: 12.20kPa/20; flash point: -22; melting point: -100; boiling point: 75.7: solubility: slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethyl alcohol, ether and many other organic solvents; destiny: relative density (water=1) 0.80; relative density (air=1): 2.5

[Main purpose]

      1. N-butanal is an important intermediate. It can be used to make n-butyl alcohol, n-butyric acid and trimethylolpropane. It is an important intermediate to prepare plasticizer, synthetic resin, rubber promoter and pesticides etc. 2. Butanal is an important chemical raw material. It also can be used to prepare essence and perfume, and flowers, leaves, fruits, grasses, milk products, alcohols and many other essential oils also contain this component. Generally it should be diluted before mixing with essence, which has certain effect to coordinate and increase the elegance of headspace volatile. 3. It is used as the intermediate of vulcanization accelerator and pesticide etc.

[Package, storage and transportation]

      1. It should be packed with stainless steel barrel or aluminum barrel lined with polyethylene package, with a weight of 100kg or 40kg. It should be stored and transported subject to the provisions on inflammable and toxic chemicals. It should be stored in a low-temperature and ventilated place and away from flame and oxidant. 2. It should be stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse. It should be away from kindling material and heat source. The temperature in the warehouse should not be more than 37. The package is required to be sealed and cannot contact with air. It should be separated with oxidant, reductant, and alkaline for storage, and should not be mixed. It is required to use blast-proof lighting and ventilation facilities. It is prohibited to use the mechanical equipment and tools which are easy to generate spark. There shall be emergency treatment equipment and appropriate collection materials in the storage area.

[Indicator of superior products]

      N-butanal, ω% ≥99.0%;  isobutyraldehyde, ω% ≤ 0.5% 

      N-butyric acid, ω% ≤ 0.3%; water, ω% ≤  0.2%