Ammonium bicarbonate

Cyclohexanone (solvent level)

【Category】Ammonium bicarbonate


【Product form】Liquid

【Product standard】GB/T 4649-2008



      It is inflammable and might cause the danger of burning in case of high heat and open fire. When contacting with oxidant, it will generate sharp reaction. Explosion limit 1.1-9.4 (volume) Its allowable density in air in the public space is 200/m3.

[Main purpose]

      It is used to make nylon, caprolactam, adipic acid; fire retardant, medicine, paint, ink used as solvent.

[Package, storage and transportation]

      It can be packed with a clean and dry tanker or galvanized iron barrel, with net weight of each barrel 190kg. The package container should be sealed tightly. It should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse with temperature no more than 43. This product can be transported by truck or train, and during storage transportation, smoking and collision are strictly prohibited.

[Indicator of superior products]

      Cyclohexanone content %(m/m) ≥99.8

      Chromaticity, Hazen unit (platinum-cobalt number) ≤15

      Density (ρ) g/cm3: 0946-0.947

      At 0 and the distillation range of 101.3kPa/: 153-157

      Temperature interval at the distillation amount of 95mL/ ≤1.5

      Acidity (by acetic acid)% (m/m): ≤0.01

      Moisture %(m/m)≤0.08