N, N-dimethylformamide (DMF)


【Product form】Solvent

【Product standard】HG /T 2028-2009



      Relative density 0.9445(25). Melting point -61. Boiling point 152.8. Flash point 57.78. Vapor density 2.51. Vapor pressure 0.49kpa(3.7mmHg25). Spontaneous ignition point 445. Refractive index1.42817, solubility parameter δ=12.1. Explosion limit of vapor and air mixture 2.2~15.2 %. It is miscible with water and the general solvents and hybrid layered with petroleum ether. It might cause burning and explosion in case of open fire and high heat. It can have sharp reaction with concentrated sulfuric acid and fuming nitric acid and even cause explosion.

[Main purpose]

      It is mainly used as industrial solvents and in medicine industry, it is used to produce vitamin and hormone and also can be used to manufacture chlordimeform.

[Package, storage and transportation]

      Package method: ordinary wooden case outside ampoule bottle; threaded glass bottle, iron cover impressed-notch glass bottle, plastic bottle or wooden box outside metal barrel (tank); special tanker. When it is transported by railway, prohibit humping. It is strictly prohibited to be transported by wooden boat and concrete boat in bulk. 

[Emergency measures in case of leakage]

      Evacuate the personnel in the leakage pollution area to the safe area; isolate the leakage pollution area, limit access; cut off the fire source; suggest the emergency treatment personnel to wear gas mask, ordinary firefighting suit or rubber protective clothes; absorb the leaking product with sandy vermiculite or other inert materials, transport it to the waste disposal site for disposal; also it can be flushed with a lot of water, and after dilution, discharge it to the waste water system; in case of great leakage, build a dike or excavate a pit for acceptance.

[Indicator of superior products]

Dimethylformamide %(m/m)≥99.9%

Chromaticity, Hazen unit (platinum-cobalt number) ≤5

Moisture %(m/m)≤0.05

Methyl alcohol, %(m/m)≤0.001

PH(25, 20% water solution)6.5-8.0

Electrical conductivity (25)/(us/cm)≤2.0