Liquid fertilizer

Urea ammonium nitrate solution

【Category】Liquid fertilizer


【Specification】20kg (5kg*4 barrels/boxes),25kg/barrel, 1000kg

【Product form】Liquid

【Product indicators】Nitrogen content ≥32%


Product characteristics

    1. It consists of nitrate nitrogen, ammonium nitrogen and amide nitrogen, with a utilization up to 90%, being 4 times of that of the traditional urea, so as to effectively reduce the loss of nitrogen, reduce the pollution to water body, reduce cost, save energy and protect the environment.

    2. It does not contain impurities and has a water solubility of 100%, it is especially suitable for drip irrigation, furrow application and foliage spraying, and also can be used simultaneously with other chemical fertilizers and pesticides, saving water, time and labor.

    3. It contains nitrogen of three forms, with rapid effect and long effect, so as to ensure the balanced and durable absorption of nutrients and improve the crop quality.

    4. It can promote photosynthesis of crops, improve quality, increase productivity and increase the benefit significantly.

Applicable crops

    It is applicable to grain crops such as corn, wheat, rice and commercial crops such as cotton, peanut and tobacco. After it is applied in such crops as vegetables, melons and fruits, there is an especially significant production increasing effect.

Usage and dosage

    1. Vegetables, melons and eggplant: 5-10kg/Mu during the seedling period, rejuvenation period and rapid growth period, applied in the form of flushing and drip irrigation with water at the ratio of 1:4 and sprayed at 1:100 (1:50 in the mature period).

    2. Fruits: 10-20kg/Mu in the fruit bearing period, fruit swelling period and  filling and maturing period, with high-potassium fertilizer, applied in the form of flushing and drip irrigation with water at the ratio of 1:4, and diluted for spraying at the ratio of above 1:50.

    3. Grain, oil and cotton crops and others: 10-15kg/Mu during the seedling period, rapid growth period and tillering period, applied in the form of flushing and drip irrigation at the ratio of 1:3 with water and sprayed at 1:100 (1:50 in the mature period).


    1. Please determine the reasonable application amount and reasonable application method with the guidance of the local agricultural technicians and according to the soil, climate conditions, category of crops and target productivity.

    2. This product is not flammable, has no risks of fire and explosion, and is non-toxic and harmless, but it should not contact with eyes and skin directly.

    3. Please keep it in the place out of the reach of children in case of eating by mistake.

    4. Please do not exposure it under the direct sunshine and please store it in the cool and dry place.