Ammonium sulfate

Compound ammonium sulfate

【Category】Ammonium sulfate



【Product form】powder

【Product indicators】18.0%

【Product standard】DL/T808-2002


[Product characteristics]

      1.It is white or grey white powder, with relative density 1.77, refractive index 1.521, decomposed at the temperature of 235, easy to be soluble in water, acidic in water solution, and is not soluble in ethyl alcohol and acetone, and absorbs moisture; after moisture absorption, it is hardened.

      2. Ammonium sulfate contains nitrogen and sulfur, and is mainly used as nitrogen fertilizer, and also one of the important surfer fertilizers, and ammonium sulfate is mainly from the by-products in industrial field.

The molecules of ammonium sulfate contain anion SO4-, which is difficult to be absorbed by the soil grains, and the crops absorb more ammonium ions, so that SO4- is residual in the soil, so ammonium sulfate is a typical physiological acidic fertilizer, and is applicable to the more alkaline  soil.

[Scope of application]

      1. It can be directly used as chemical fertilizer, and also can be used to manufacture compound fertilizers, potassium sulfate, ammonium chloride and ammonium persulfate, and is also used in food, textile, leather, medicine and rare earth mining industry etc.

      2. As a chemical fertilizer, it has a wide applicable scope, does not contain chlorine and biuret, and is suitable to be used as raw material of compound fertilizer, and relatively suitable for the soil lack of sulfur and alkaline soil, and has a more significant influence on the increasing of production of thiophilic crops such as orange, soybean, sugarcane, sweet potato, peanut and tea.

[Method of application]

      1. It is mainly used as the fertilizer of agricultural, forestry and vegetable crops, and is applicable to the more alkaline soil, but it is best to be used as the top-dressing fertilizer, and generally its application amount is 15-20kg every 667 square meter. The product is easily soluble in water, has relatively small moisture absorption and is convenient for storage and use.

      2. It can be used as base fertilizer, top-dressing fertilizer and seed fertilizer. When used as the seed fertilizer, it should not be applied too much. Whether in paddy field or dry land, ammonium sulfate should be applied deeply.

      3. It should be noted that ammonium sulfate belongs to physiological acid fertilizer, and when applied in the acidic soil or applied continuously in the same land, it should be combined with appropriate lime or organic fertilizer.