Ammonium bicarbonate

Ammonium bicarbonate for agriculture

【Category】Ammonium bicarbonate



【Product form】Powder

【Product indicators】Total nitrogen ≥17.1%

【Product standard】GB3559-2001


Product characteristics

      1. Used as the nitrogen fertilizer, it applies to various soils, and can provide ammonium nitrogen and carbon dioxide required for the growth of crops/

      2. It can promote the growth and photosynthesis of crops and promote the growth of seeds and leaves.

      3. Featured by rapid effect, cheap price, economical efficiency and no soil hardening, ammonium bicarbonate applies to various crops and can be both used as the base fertilizer and top-dressing fertilizer. It has a more significant effect when applied deeply.

      Ammonium bicarbonate is a kind of nitrogen without (sulfate) acid radical, and all its three components are the nutrients of crops, without harmful intermediate products and final decomposed components, and it will not affect the soil quality when applied for a long time, being one of the safest kinds of nitrogen fertilizer.

Scope of application

      It applies to all crops and soils and can be used as base fertilizer and top-dressing fertilizer, and can be applied in both the dry land and paddy field. In industry, it is applied as the food expanding agent, the raw materials to prepare cold wave lotion and electrolyte, and the auxiliary raw materials to produce fluorescent powder etc.

Application method and notes

      1. When used as the base fertilizer, ammonium bicarbonate can be applied in the form of furrow application or hole application. If it can be applied deeply in combination with the farmland, the effect will be better.

      2. When used as the top-dressing fertilizer in the dry land, ammonium bicarbonate should be deeply applied below 6cm in combination with the medium plowing, and should be covered with soil immediately and sprayed with water. For the paddy field, it is required to keep a shallow water layer, but the water should not be to shallow, otherwise, the root will be damaged, and after application, plowing is required, for the purpose of promoting the rapid absorption of fertilizer by the soil.

      3. The ammonium bicarbonate cannot be mixed with the alkaline fertilizer in case of loss of nitrogen due to volatilization of ammonia. When  the soil is dry or has insufficient moisture content, it is not better to apply ammonium bicarbonate. When applied, ammonium bicarbonate should not directly contact with the seeds and roots of the crops in case of burning of plants.

      4. It should not be used as seed manure, otherwise, the sprouting of seeds will be influenced.