Compound fertilizer

Compound fertilizer 26-9-9

【Category】Compound fertilizer


【Specification】40kg/bag;50kg/bag ;Tonnage bag package

【Product form】Grain

【Product indicators】Total nutrition ≥44%

【Product standard】GB/T21633-2008


Combination of rapid and slow release, achieving an integration of double effects

    It is specially added with blue  control-releasing factors to effectively control the nutrition and contain the control-releasing nutrition. With effect of rapid and slow release and release by stage, it can supply nutrition continuously to provide sufficient nutrients to the crops and improve the fertilizer utilization.

Supply of three sources of nitrogen upon demand

    The nitrate nitrogen and ammonium nitrogen can be directly absorbed by crops and take effect first to ensure that the crops have sufficient nutrients and grow strongly in the early and middle periods; control the release of amidonitrogen, adjust and control the slow release to ensure that the crops will not be shortage  of fertilizer in the later period,

High utilization of three nutrients

    It is rich in many nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium required by the crops to reach a scientific and balanced effect and enhance the absorption and utilization of crops to zinc, boron, manganese and other trace elements.

High efficiency, fertilizer saving, ecological and environment friendly

    It can reduce the waste  of resources caused by the loss of fertilizer and reduce the pollution of soil, water and air in the process of fertilizer application.

Simultaneous seeding and fertilizer application, saving time and achieving high efficiency

    With good hardness and round grains, it is especially suitable for the mechanical seeding, with high rate of excellent seeds, reducing the frequency of fertilizer application, saving labor and reducing the labor cost.

Scientific mixing to increase productivity and income

    With scientific and reasonable mixing of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, it can increase the productivity and income of the crops, improve crop quality and increase the economic benefit of planting significantly.


    1. It is better to be used as base fertilizer.

    2. It is suggested to apply the fertilizer deeply and cover it with soil, and when the seeds and fertilizer are broadcast simultaneously, the spacing between the seeds and fertilizer should be above 10cm, and the fertilizer is prohibited to directly contact with the seeds and root system.

    3. For the specific application amount and application amount, follow the guidance of the local agricultural technicians.

Please apply it reasonably according to the category of soil and crops with the guidance of the local agricultural technical authority.