Compound fertilizer

Compound fertilizer 22-9-9

【Category】Compound fertilizer


【Specification】40kg/bag;50kg/bag ;Tonnage bag package

【Product form】Grain

【Product indicators】Total nutrition ≥40%, Total nitrate nitrogen ≥10%

【Product standard】HG/T4135-2010;GB/T15063-2009


Product characteristics

    1. With balanced nutrition, it is soluble in water rapidly and has high compressive strength.

    2. It is directly synthesized with self-produced pure ammonium nitrate melted solution, high-quality ammonium phosphate and high-quality potassium sulphate, with high tower granulation and high content of science and technology

    3. It has high content of nitrate nitrogen, with scientific mixing ratio of nitrate nitrogen and ammonium nitrogen and phosphorous, potassium and sulfur and combination of rapid effect, long effect and multiple effects

    4. It is free of biuret, chlorine and has no heavy metal application and is safer in application.

    5. It has a high utilization rate to effectively promote the absorption of medium trace elements.

    6. After adding nitrification inhibitor, it can effectively delay the release cycle of ammonium nitrogen, with the characteristics of rapid solution, rapid effect and durable fertilizer effect, and it is an ideal choice for the early base fertilizer application for crops.

    7. It can effectively control the loss of nitrogen fertilizer and improve the crop quality.

Technological characteristics

    1. With the advanced production platform of Hualu Hengsheng, it is advanced in technology and has first-class quality.

    2. With computer control, it is directly synthesized, with authenticate nutrients, balanced and without impurity.

    3. With high-tower granulation of new process, the grains have melting zones, easy for the reasonable release of nutrients.

Applicable crops and methods

    It applies to many soils and crops, and are widely used in the greenhouse and large field planting grain crops, commercial crops, flowers, fruit trees, vegetables and tobacco. It can be used as base fertilizer and top fertilizer and can be applied in the form of broadcast application, hole application, furrow application and drop irrigation.

    This instruction is for reference only and does not contain all applicable crops.


    1. Avoid mixing with basic fertilizer

    2. Keep the soil moist before use, and the effect will be better.

    3. It shall be applied frequently with few amount each time in the paddy field in case of loss of nitrate nitrogen .

    Please apply it reasonably according to the category of soil and crops with the guidance of the local agricultural technical authority.