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Hualu Hengsheng and other six enterprises singing agreement to jointly develop slow release fertilizer

Source:本站     Time:2016.08.25


On May 28, on the 10-year development summit of China Slow Release Fertilizer held in Beijing, Shandong Hualu Hengsheng Chemicals Co., Ltd. signed an agreement on the joint development of slow release fertilizer with Shandong Jinzhengda, Henan XLX, Hubei Yihua, Shanxi Tianze Coal Chemical Industry, Hebei Yangmei Zhengyuan Chemical Industry and Jiangsu Shuangduo Chemical Industry. It is believed in the industry that this signing has started a completely new model in the future development of slow release fertilizer industry in China, and also brings confidence and benefit to the improving of farmland quality, increasing of fertilizer utilization and improving of ecological environment of China.